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The sudden death of someone close is devastating and life changing. This can be compounded if it is through murder or suicide. It is probably one of the worst shocks any family member or friend can experience in their life.

If an adult or a child has witnessed or experienced a traumatic event such as this, it is quite natural for them to feel anxiety and show symptoms of stress. These reactions and symptoms can lead on to other trauma and stress related mental health issues associated with traumatic grief such as depression or PTSD.

Furthermore, children may be very upset or frightened, this could also develop into other long term issues that may have a negative life changing effect if gone untreated or ignored.

PETAL Support will offer a range of counselling and therapy sessions to treat our clients individual problems by providing a pathway for treatment including psychotherapeutic interventions.

PETAL Support in addition to our psychotherapeutic treatments, we also supply complimentary holistic therapies in conjunction with counselling sessions.