Petal Support Limited

8 Barrack Street

Hamilton, ML3 0DG

Office Hours are:

Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm

Friday 9am - 4pm

01698 324502

We currently receive funding to employ staff, fund ongoing and future training and development programmes from a range of sources:

Awards for all, North & South Lanarkshire Councils, charitable donations and funds raised by our dedicated fundraisers are all greatly appreciated and absolutely essential.

Funds raised by our fundraisers are from a wide range of fundraising events.
The operational funding we receive plus the funds raised at fundraising Events allow the group to provide our comprehensive range of Support Services.
We are constantly pursuing alternative avenues of funding to ensure the future development of the organisation to all areas of Scotland.

PETAL Support carefully select a small number of volunteers. All volunteer counsellors have to be trained to a minimum of a Diploma level.

There are currently NO vacancies for volunteer counsellors at this time.

Our other volunteers fulfil a wide range of roles within the organisation:

    • Provide both practical and emotional support,
    • Support members to form self-support groups,
    • Organise and participating in fundraising activities,
    • Assist with awareness raising.

Recruiting volunteers

We recruit previous clients as volunteers and provide them with a range of training courses; both volunteers and paid sessional workers attend an induction programme.