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Hamilton, ML3 0DG

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The support for Children and Young People is an integral part of the services offered by PETAL.

We provide support to Children & Young People affected by murder or suicide. They are either supported individually or in groups.

Our Child Therapist, Anne MacFarlane works one to one with the children. Anne has many years of experience dealing with children who have suffered a loss through Murder or Suicide. She understands the complexities this type of devastating loss can have on a young developing mind. We have a Children and Young person's room in Hamilton. Specifically aimed at helping the children express themselves through arts and crafts and play.

The group support is also designed, provided and organised by our Child Therapist, Anne. The group provides a safe and creative way for children and young people to explore feelings, memories, loss and grief through play and activities together.

The group helps our Children and Young People develop a better understanding of themselves, improves their self esteem and helps them find the confidence to deal with life after what's happened to them.

 There have been some great activities including going to Mini Mudders in Dumfries in June 2016 and working as a team.

 For parents and carers unsure on how to speak or explain to the children about what's happened, Anne can have a telephone consultation or a parent meeting to discuss all these aspects with you.

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