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Professor Jason Leitch Covid-19 Advice.

The public has been divided into four categories:

Group 1: Those with symptoms

"If you have a new persistent cough and/or a fever your whole household has to now stay home for 14 days. If you live by yourself the seven-day rule applies."

Group 2: The clinically high risk – e.g. chemotherapy patients

"They’re going to get individual contact from the health service"

Group 3: The over 70s; people who get flu vaccine for health reasons; and pregnant women

"Cut back social contact as much as you can – nothing non-essential. Do not go to work. Do not travel on public transport, do not have large family gatherings."

Group 4: Everybody else

"We’re asking as many people as possible to work from home. Don’t use public transport unless you absolutely have to. Do not meet in big groups or socially in small groups.

Other Important Information

Keep Calm with The Kids


Don’t Panic Buy!


VERY IMPORTANT – Keep Social Distancing!


Helpful Contacts and Information

PETAL Support Launches COVID-19 Bereavement Counselling 

PETAL Support has been providing bereavement counselling for people experiencing trauma and loss for more than 25 years.    

Due to Covid-19, there has been a significant increase in families from across Scotland experiencing the trauma and loss due to the sudden death of a loved one.  In response to this and thanks to Scottish Government Wellbeing Fund support, PETAL are now accepting referrals from families who have lost a loved one through Covid-19.   

We are also continuing our core support of families and loved ones that are bereaved by Murder, Culpable Homicide and Suicide. 

Qualified and highly experienced counsellors from across Scotland can help people process their grief and loss via telephone or online services.  Families facing bereavement from Covid-19 as well as murder, culpable homicide and suicide should call PETAL on 01698 324 502 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Important Changes to PETAL Support Services During The COVID-19 Virus.

PETAL Support is continuing to offer counselling services via telephone and online appointments in place of face to face meetings during the Coronavirus outbreak in Scotland.

It is with regret we have had to change our service provision going forward and this will continue during the COVID-19 breakout in Scotland. We are also maintaining our Referral and Practical Information telephone support line (01698 324502 Mon-Fri 9.00am – 5.00pm) during the outbreak. We will continue to update our website with health advice to support wellbeing of adults, children and young people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

PETAL Support will assure you that this situation will be under constant review, and clients kept informed as much as possible.

Coronavirus – Important information regarding current or awaiting High Court trials - latest update from the Scottish Courts & Tribunals Service.

Read more about the Coronavirus

PETAL is the most recognised and longest established organisation for people affected by homicide or suicide in Scotland. Our professional service is supported by Scottish Government and other funders. Service provision is FREE and we provides a safe and confidential environment where those experiencing bereavement and traumatic loss, through murder or suicide can receive support, one to one counselling and other therapies. This service provision includes children and young people.


PETAL provides support - irrespective of the time of the event - and aims to provide each new client with support within fourteen days from initial contact.


PETAL is a registered Charity with no affiliation to any religious or political party and is open to all sections of the community.


We offer services in Hamilton Lanarkshire, Central Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee with Telephone support available for other areas of Scotland.